National Media Covers Singh Press Conference

Facebook ProfileSBE called a press conference on Tuesday, August 18, 2015 to discuss the filing of a lawsuit against the City of Stockton and the Stockton Police Department.


National Media Outlets Cover e-Cigarette Lawsuit Announcement

Facebook ProfileSBE attorneys announced three lawsuits filed in California yesterday at a press conference in Los Angeles, CA.


KTLA Interviews e-Cig Explosion Victim

Facebook ProfileKTLA interviewed SBE and a firm client who suffered severe burns to his face and shoulder as a result of an e-cigarette explosion.

Wall Street Journal Highlights e-Cigarette Cases

Facebook ProfileShernoff Bidart Echeverria LLP represents dozens of consumers severely injured in e-cigarette explosions. The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article discussing the increased litigation over malfunctioning e-cigarettes.

ABC, NBC, Buzzfeed Report on Man Who Lost Eye in e-Cigarette Explosion

Facebook ProfileSBE was retained to represent a man who lost his left eye due to an e-cigarette explosion. Joseph Cavins was vaping while working at his computer and after setting the device down on the desk next to him it exploded and sent shrapnel into his face and throughout the room.


Stockton News Outlet Runs Story on Singh Family

Facebook ProfileThe Record ran a story on the Singh family which is still recovering from the tragic death of wife and mother Misty Holt Singh in a shootout with police two years ago.


Buzzfeed Highlights SBE’s Work with e-Cigarette Injury Victims

Facebook recently highlighted people who have been injured by e-cigarette explosions. The piece sheds light on the growing concern that the unregulated industry is highly dangerous.

Orange County Register Publishes Story on Severe e-Cigarette Explosion Injury

Facebook ProfileThe Orange County Register reported on an SBE client who lost his left eye as a result of an e-cigarette explosion in his home.

Sacramento Area Press Covers Press Conference

Facebook ProfileOn March 7, 2016, Abelino Cordova-Cuevas was killed by Stockton police officers in one of the most recent instances of questionable police killings in the United States. Shernoff Bidart Echeverria LLP held a press conference to discuss the incident and a records request he made on behalf of the slain man’s family.

NBC News Interviews e-Cig Explosion Victim

Facebook ProfileNBC News interviewed SBE and client Spencer Beck who was severely burned by an exploding e-cigarette battery which he had in his pocket.

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