Stockton News Outlet Runs Story on Singh Family

Facebook ProfileThe Record ran a story on the Singh family which is still recovering from the tragic death of wife and mother Misty Holt Singh in a shootout with police two years ago.


Buzzfeed Highlights SBE’s Work with e-Cigarette Injury Victims

Facebook recently highlighted people who have been injured by e-cigarette explosions. The piece sheds light on the growing concern that the unregulated industry is highly dangerous.

Orange County Register Publishes Story on Severe e-Cigarette Explosion Injury

Facebook ProfileThe Orange County Register reported on an SBE client who lost his left eye as a result of an e-cigarette explosion in his home.

Sacramento Area Press Covers Press Conference

Facebook ProfileOn March 7, 2016, Abelino Cordova-Cuevas was killed by Stockton police officers in one of the most recent instances of questionable police killings in the United States. Shernoff Bidart Echeverria LLP held a press conference to discuss the incident and a records request he made on behalf of the slain man’s family.

NBC News Interviews e-Cig Explosion Victim

Facebook ProfileNBC News interviewed SBE and client Spencer Beck who was severely burned by an exploding e-cigarette battery which he had in his pocket.

Lancaster Resident and U.S. Veteran Suffers Severe Burns to Face and Shoulder after e-Cig Explodes in His Face

Facebook ProfileDon George was treated for second degree burns to his face and shoulder after an e-cigarette exploded in his face at his home in early January.

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