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Travis Corby Quoted in South Bay Daily Breeze

Travis Corby, partner in the Los Angeles office of SBE, was highlighted in the South Bay Daily Breeze in an article on his representation of the family of Laurie St. Clair.

Melissa St. Clair had to watch helplessly as her mother slowly died of complications from cirrhosis of the liver because Health Net and Healthcare LA (an independent practice association) delayed and denied her mother the liver transplant her own doctors said she needed. Laurie St. Clair succumbed to her condition in November of 2015 at only 53-years-old becoming yet another unfortunate example of health insurance companies abandoning their own customers, especially those who are lower income.

Ms. St. Clair had insurance, had doctors who requested the liver transplant and even had an insurance authorization for a consultation, although that turned out to be worthless. The healthcare companies put their own needs above Laurie’s when instead of letting her see a specialist for her life threatening illness, they first wanted to negotiate an out of network arrangement which took several months; these were the last months Laurie would be alive. Melissa and her siblings brought a lawsuit against the two healthcare companies for insurance bad faith and wrongful death.

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