Disability Insurance Claims Denial

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Many policyholders are shocked to learn their disability insurance policies don’t provide the promised benefits when they need them most.

At Shernoff Bidart Echeverria LLP, our disability insurance claim denials attorneys stand up and fight for the rights of policyholders whose disabled workers’ protection or disability insurance benefits have been denied, delayed or terminated.

Leading the Nation in Representing the Disabled

We are the nation’s leading disability insurance law firm, litigating on behalf of disabled people in all 50 states. We evaluate more than 1,000 new disability insurance cases every month and have successfully represented more than 20,000 disabled workers over the past two decades.

We are passionate about helping disabled people obtain the disability benefits they deserve. We’re known for filing disability benefits lawsuits that other law firm’s wouldn’t touch.

We will represent clients for a 50 cent claim or a $50 million claim.

Our law firm represents America’s leading professional athletes, entertainers, and professionals as well as average white collar and blue collar workers.

Disability Insurance Bad Faith

Unscrupulous insurers look for every possible legal and technical angle to save money by denying valid claims, including:

  • Overruling your doctor’s opinion
  • Reclassifying your injury as an illness rather than an injury
  • Retroactively cancelling your insurance policy
  • Insisting on independent medical examination by their own insurer-friendly physicians
  • Burying you in burdensome paperwork

If your insurance company has wrongfully delayed, denied or terminated your disability benefits, please contact the disability insurance bad faith attorneys of Shernoff Bidart Echeverria LLP. Your initial consultation is free of charge and you will pay no attorneys fees unless you receive money.

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