Representative Verdicts for William M. Shernoff

William Shernoff has been leading the fight against insurance companies on behalf of consumers for over 40 years. Below is a brief list of his representative verdicts:

  • Mr. Shernoff successfully obtained a $3.7 million arbitration award for a Kosher food distributor over claims the insurance company illegally refused to pay for damages caused by a fire.
  • He won a $19 million verdict for a paraplegic Marine whose insurance company overruled his treating doctor on the medical necessity of his 109-day hospital stay.
  • He won a $9 million punitive award for hairdresser who had health policy rescinded.
  • He obtained an $86.7 million insurance bad faith verdict (including $57 Million for punitive damages) on behalf of the American-Samoan government against Affiliated FM Insurance Co. involving hurricane damage.
  • He won a $1.5 million bad faith verdict for a federal judge over fire loss in his home.
  • Mr. Shernoff was successful in winning a $25 million punitive damages award in an insurance fraud case against a carrier that allegedly misrepresented the scope of a health insurance policy and denied benefits to a cancer victim.
  • He won a $23 million insurance bad faith verdict (including $13 Million punitive damages) for the owners of a hotel over the failure of its insurer to settle a personal injury case.
  • He obtained an $8 million verdict in a double-indemnity insurance bad faith case involving a disputed life insurance policy provision.
  • Mr. Shernoff won a $1 million verdict in punitive damages in an insurance bad faith case involving the disability claims of a truck driver who was denied coverage after being injured when his truck jackknifed.
  • He successfully won a $4.5 million punitive damages verdict against an insurer who refused to pay a $48 claim for medicine and a hearing test.
  • In the first bad faith case, he won a $5 million punitive damages verdict for a roofer whose disability payments had been cut off.