Blue Cross / Blue Shield Medical Insurance Rescission

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You’ve paid monthly health insurance premiums to Blue Cross Blue Shield for years. Then you get the bad news: cancer.

After surgery to remove a tumor, you start chemo and radiation therapy.

You thought you were over the worst of it when you get a letter from your insurance company. It is not only refusing to pay for your surgery and cancer treatments, it has also cancelled your insurance policy.

You are left with crushing medical expenses and unable to secure other insurance coverage because of your pre-existing condition.

How could this happen?

Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Denials Retroactive Application Review and Policy Cancellation

In an effort to avoid paying costly insurance claims, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) practices a particularly loathsome form of insurance bad faith called policy rescission.

Also known as post-claim underwriting, insurance policy rescission is the cancellation of a policy because a policyholder did not disclose, or misrepresented a material fact on his or her insurance application.

After a significant claim is submitted for payment, BCBS will review the policyholder’s original insurance application, searching for any indication that the policyholder misrepresented his or her medical history.

If you failed to mention that you smoked for five years back in the 1980s, BCBS may cancel your insurance policy if you need treatment for lung cancer today.

If Blue Cross Blue Shield cancelled your insurance, please contact an insurance rescission attorney at Shernoff Bidart Echeverria LLP to discuss your insurance dispute. Your initial consultation is free of charge and you will pay us nothing unless and until we win your case.

As the nation’s leading bad faith insurance law firm, Shernoff Bidart Echeverria LLP fights for the rights of policyholders who have been victimized by Blue Cross Blue Shield’s unethical practices. We established the legal precedent of insurance bad faith law in 1979 and have since won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for policyholders.

Our lawyers believe that policyholders should receive the coverage their policies promise. The time for accepting or denying coverage is at the time of application, not years later.